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Treatment Options


Holy Fire Reiki

Are you sabotaging your love life by attracting the wrong partners? 

Do you struggle to get ahead in life despite all your best efforts?  Reiki can help. 

We not only carry our own self-limiting beliefs since childhood, our own unresolved emotional baggage, but also our parent’s stories, our ancestors traumas and much more. Epigenetics is a new research that has proven that we carry our ancestor’s trauma in our DNA.

Sacha is skilled in her specialized field of channelling the Holy Fire to excavate these blockages to free you to your most authentic, best life!  Get in touch now to get your free consultation.

Reiki Distance Healing

Distance Reiki works according to the Hermetic Law of Similarity, which holds that we are all connected, as we are all energy matter and part of a larger whole. Furthermore, as a certified Reiki Therapist, Sacha has received a ceremonial attunement granting her access to use the sacred symbols that facilitate distance healing.

Physical distance is not a barrier to a healing interaction. Energy healing can be accomplished at a distance just as easily as in person. A skilled healer can sense the energy field of the person receiving the healing and provide healing equally effectively if the person is in the same room or across the world. There are many ways one might understand how distance healing works. Much of our everyday experience involves the transfer of energy over long distances. In fact, satellite dishes are just one example.

There are energies all about us traveling great distances in short amounts of time, including radio waves. The "life energy" used by healers is an energy that is "faster than light energy" (Richard Gerber, MD, Vibrational Medicine).

Sacha is skilled in finding and removing the energy blockages that are at the root of your pain, freeing you to live your authentic, best life.

Contact her now to book your free consultation.

Unbinding Ceremony

We are bound by that in which we have invested our energy and intentions, and sometimes it is difficult to let go.  We just don't know how. If you’re feeling stuck in regards to a particular person, despite numerous attempts to move on, then you may be the victim of a binding energy. 

Sacha has developed a tried and true technique utilizing various modalities and tools in a shamanic ceremony, where she walks with you as guide as you unbind your spirit to all of that  which no longer serves your highest good.  

Get in touch now, to set yourself free from the ties that bind you.