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Loved getting Reiki from this beautiful soul.  She took the time to speak one-to-one with me online and find out what was ailing me.  She was kind, thoughtful and made me feel right at ease.  Sacha explained to me what she was going to do and what I may feel in the process.  

During my Reiki session, I felt a small shift right away.  There was a lightness in my heart and chest area and my mood was more positive. Over the next few days, the tension eased its way out of my upper back as well.

What I loved most was how detailed and accurate Sacha’s readings were.  She explained in great detail what she could feel going on in my body and exactly what she did to clear and balance the my blocked chakras.  Such an amazing experience!

Samantha T. Guelph, Canada
Distance Reiki Client

Hey Sacha,

I cannot begin to thank you for everything you've done and how you've significantly aided in my trauma healing.

I didn't even know people could get Reiki long distance so I stand amazed and truly grateful to you!

J.S. Knoxville, Tennessee USA
Distance Reiki Client

A gifted practitioner. Highly recommended.

Liz M. Toronto, Canada
Reiki Client